Hollywood Story MOD APK v12.0 Free (Unlimited Money)
Hollywood Story MOD APK (3)

Hollywood Story MOD APK v12.0 Free (Unlimited Money)

Hollywood Story Mod APK – Create your movie star career, rule the city’s red carpets, mingle with fans, friends, and followers, and launch your fashion line and direct blockbusters.

Name Hollywood Story: Fashion Star Hollywood Story: Fashion Star is the most famous version in the Hollywood Story: Fashion Star series of publisher Nanobit.com
Publisher Nanobit.com
Genre Adventure
Size 135 MB
Version 12.0
Update Apr 29, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money
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  • Removed mandatory ads (you still need to watch ads to get free items);
  • Only in Fashion [No Ads/Free Shopping]: Fuiture in the house and clothes in the Fashion House of Harlem cost one bucks.
You are using the mod at your own risk – you may be banned for using it! Some features of the game are not available in the mod!

The Style Star rendition of Hollywood Story is a renowned spruce-up Android reproduction game. The Hollywood Story MOD APK honorary pathway is generally the fantasy of numerous young ladies. Moreover, this game permits players to recreate Hollywood Story MOD APK hotshots, spruce various garment styles, and participate in design parties.

The dress-up development game Hollywood Story is set in Hollywood, USA. Every star wants to be in the Hollywood Story Hall of Fame, and this wish can be fulfilled quickly.

You can assume a part as a Hollywood Story MOD APK hotshot in the changed rendition of Hollywood Story MOD APK, where the quantity of gold coins has been broken and modified. You can spend gold coins on desired clothing and accessories to make yourself known to everyone.

Through a progression of design matches, you can undoubtedly stroll through the excellent feasts and win the crowd’s consideration. The game topic is extraordinarily breathtaking. You can get this software for free here if you like it.

General Information

Hollywood Story MOD APK is a game for young ladies to make up and spruce. Young ladies remember to become Hollywood Story MOD APK hotshots; they must participate in different honorary pathway dinners. It’s anything but something clear. Begin by dressing your characters and assisting them in developing their styles!

Players must click to receive the gift pack to obtain gold coins in the game. As time passes, players can keep winning gold coins. You can also use the gold coins to purchase garments and accomplices to fill the storage room. Then, you can experiment as you please!

If you need to purchase more clothes and accessories throughout the dressing process, you can. The game will reveal who can dress the best!


A brief time after its release, Hollywood Story MOD APK set an income of millions of US dollars, and even “Treats Squash” has been beaten, making the standard monetary and innovation magazines center. The game’s operation is relatively easy, even though it does not support other languages. Could you let us take you to where this game is so famous?

Players can be young ladies or kids toward the start and show subtleties. The player controls a clerk in a clothing store at the beginning of the game. The Hollywood Story actress approached the player and asked for assistance with her special occasions as the show was getting ready to end. The player served her well, and he asked her to move up. Do the players a favor by taking them to Hollywood Story MOD APK!

The game has many scenes, but signs are on top of the interactive objects because it is a mission system on the off chance that players who have messed around, for example, “The Sims,” should have the option to begin soon.

Even though it is a level lookover, the general picture is delightful, and the characters even squint to coordinate their frill. Paid items and money are available to players who complete various “Become a Star” missions. These things can buy you new clothes and help you meet new people.

The game is full of real-life characters, and Twitter will occasionally be updated; you can see the perspectives of individuals around you. You can likewise utilize your cell phone to call others, associate with fans, and even play. Experience passionate feelings here. If you need a glance at the existence of Hollywood Story MOD APK big names, this game is a fantastic decision. The material is solid.

Special Features

1. Interesting Characters

Characters To play, the girls must create an avatar after downloading the lovely and light game to their mobile devices. Starting here, it is feasible to see how the application producer has taken a subtle approach with a great deal of vents of clients.

The avatar is made up of many different parts. Furthermore, various shades of variety join every variant of the eyes, hair, vaults, and body. The equivalent goes for garments. From this perspective, Nanobit.com has granted the players complete freedom to customize their avatars.

It would be best if you browsed many dresses, skirts, jeans, and garments of different sorts and orientations. Additionally, one of these components may have a distinct color. The formation of the symbol addresses just the initial segment perfectly made by Nanobit.com.

2. Attractive Challenges

After developing their character, the girls will delight in witnessing the difficulties of stardom. And they must put in a lot of effort, albeit virtually, to achieve their desired success.

We start with easy jobs that only aim to boost the young diva’s popularity, which will require her to put in enough effort to become famous. The young ladies should confront numerous missions, and everyone should not be quite the same or different, which will cause them to have more prominent permeability.

Furthermore, they have some work that is better according to each perspective, permitting them to move toward more at the Honorary pathway continuously.

3. Social Life and Shopping

In addition to the work, Nanobit.com has significantly emphasized daily life. The players must purchase new items, clothing, and other accessories to make their avatar’s life much more comfortable.

As a result, you will be compensated after the work, which can be invested in new furniture or preserved. The game’s social life is significant because it makes friends with other characters.

Additionally, they boost their popularity among the other players. You can also start a family and live online however you want.

Highlights of Hollywood Story MOD APK

  • The activity technique for the game is straightforward. You can play the game by contacting the screen, which is appropriate for players, everything being equal.
  • Players are free to dress as the heroine. They can make themselves into the ideal princess appearance, share them, and allow friends to like them.
  • To earn gold coins, players can let the female protagonist work, perform, or do other things to make them. These coins can be used to buy clothes that improve character traits to prepare for beauty pageants.

Suggested Other options: Kardashian Kim: Hollywood Story We purchased the movie “Kim Kardashian: We Played a Little Hollywood Story” and were not addicted. Even though it is a necessary free activity, there is an in-game fee, so be careful not to become too addicted.

In this game, they tell Kim Kardashian to make hundreds of millions of yen. It raises the value of Kim Kardashian’s celebrity brand even further. The hashtags connected with the game [#KimKardashianHollywood Story, #KimKardashianGame] are invigorated on Twitter. If you are interested, please take a look at it.

The upgraded operating system is iPhone, iPad, Android adaptation, and Macintosh form has likewise been delivered.

The video of Kim Kardashian playing The game “Hollywood Story MOD APK” was uploaded to YouTube, so let’s see what it is. It’s a YouTuber with just the right amount of higher strain. However, it’s ideally suited for this game.

1. Story

Kim Kardashian’s Story: In Hollywood Story MOD APK, a role-playing game, you can virtually inhabit the world of Hollywood Story stars by figuring out how your character can become a first-class superstar.

After the Sweets Pulverize frenzy on Facebook or Flappy Bird in 2048 made everybody insane to beat their telephones, the application store on iOS and Android currently keeps on seeing another style called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Story.

Despite being developed and available in the iOS and Android app stores since the end of May, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Story MOD APK has dominated the mobile game charts in numerous nations since its inception. It is another game, not about ongoing interaction, yet multiple external components exist.

2. Gameplay

In the game, the player will make a person (Mrs. Kim Kardashian West) assume the part of this person, enter the Hollywood Story MOD APK world, and arrive at the high position level. Like other recreation games like The Sims, Kim Kardashian’s Universe: Hollywood Story MOD APK has bars, discos, and extravagant shopping centers that draw players to the brilliant world.

Play out the everyday errands of a star, like going to the occasion, strolling on the honorary pathway, meeting fans, and looking for the beautiful ensembles. In this virtual world, players will taste the cycle from an obscure craftsman battling to find traction in the VIP showbiz world until turning into a major star (genius) the entire day stressing over staying away from paparazzi and fans.

3. By and large, Evaluation

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Story is a relaxed game. You can create a character who wants to be famous. Your objective is to use Kim Kardashian, one of the world’s hottest girls, as a platform to boost your reputation. It is virtual.

Before beginning this journey, you’ll need to choose a self-image. First, select a male or female and look over twelve haircuts, hair tones, noses, shirts, jeans, shoes, and other components. There are numerous ways of customizing character pictures.

After completing the first step, your character will work in a Beverly Hills fashion shop and meet Mrs. Kardashian when she enters the shop. Your style will help Kim Kardashian so that she will welcome you to her party.

After that, you still have a lot to do: change into new clothes, go to parties, start social activities, meet as many celebrities as possible, make plans with Kim Kardashian, cruise around her house, and so on.

Kardashian Kim: Hollywood Story is a great game to play with friends. The game’s character designs are stunning and highly realistic. You can live the life of a Hollywood Story in this game.

On the Android application store, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Story MOD APK currently has over 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.3 stars. It also gets 4.5 out of 5 stars in the iOS app store. It is a free game in which in-game items can be sold for money. As per Glu, advancement studio Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Story, this game has a lot of turnovers.

Last Words

The application, which has not yet arrived at the degrees of income of other top applications in the area, for example, Candy Pound Adventure or Conflict of Tribes, has remained secure since its send-off. It scopes to the top ten places of the applications more beneficial games on the Apple store and at the leading 20 of Google Play (Android store).

Nonetheless, on the Asian market, the game doesn’t evoke ideal assessments additionally because of the shortfall of the broadened language and the extreme speed with which the energy essential to play closes, with the outcome that consistent in-application buys are required.

The game, aimed primarily at female players, involves creating a star, customizing its look, and living in a virtual world filled with parties, meetings with other VIPs, and red carpets to achieve success.

Exploiting a Hollywood Story MOD APK or a VIP’s well-known image is another factor in this game’s success. Because of this, Nanobit.com has not had to spend much money on advertising because the star is already a great way to promote the company.

Free Download Hollywood Story MOD APK Latest Version

Download ( 135 MB )

You are now ready to download Hollywood Story: Fashion Star for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing APK files from outside, Google Play Store has added a warning when installing apps and mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Click "Install anyway (unsafe)."
  • To check the CPU and GPU of an Android device, please use the CPU-Z app

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