Hungry Shark Evolution v11.1.3 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money, God Mode)
Free Download Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK Latest Version

Hungry Shark Evolution v11.1.3 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money, God Mode)

Evolve and grow by eating all kinds of fish in this shark survival game!

Name Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark Evolution is the most famous version in the Hungry Shark Evolution series of publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Genre Arcade
Size 165 MB
Version 11.1.3
Update Apr 27, 2024
MOD Mega Menu, Money, God Mode
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Download (165 MB)

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Endless coins and gems
  • MENU MOD features
  1. Immortality (include before the start of the game)
  2. High damage (turn on before the start of the game)
  3. Endless gold rush
  4. Endless stamina (turn on before the start of the game).

In the vast expanse of the ocean, survival of the fittest reigns supreme. In mobile gaming, one title stands out as the apex predator: Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK. Prepare to dive into the depths of this immersive gaming experience as we explore its features, strategies, and secrets to mastering the art of survival in the aquatic wilderness.

A Deep Dive into Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution thrusts players into the role of a hungry shark, tasked with navigating treacherous waters teeming with prey and predators alike. From the humble beginnings of a small reef shark to the formidable apex predator of the ocean, players must guide their shark on a journey of growth, survival, and domination.

Key Features of Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK

1. Diverse Range of Sharks

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK offers a diverse selection of sharks, each with unique characteristics and abilities. From the agile reef shark to the massive megalodon, players can unlock and upgrade a variety of shark species as they progress through the game. Strategically choose your shark based on its strengths and weaknesses to maximize your hunting prowess.

2. Expansive Ocean Environments

Explore a vast, immersive underwater world with diverse ecosystems, from sunlit coral reefs to eerie deep-sea trenches. Navigate through dynamic environments populated by various marine life, including fish, turtles, dolphins, and even unsuspecting humans. Discover hidden treasures, secret passages, and mysterious creatures lurking beneath the waves.

3. Thrilling Challenges and Objectives

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK offers various challenges and objectives to keep players engaged and motivated. Complete missions, achieve high scores, and unlock achievements to earn rewards and advance your shark’s evolution. From hunting down specific prey to surviving against formidable bosses, there’s always a new challenge waiting to be conquered.

4. Customization and Upgrades

Personalize your shark with various customization options and upgrades to enhance its abilities and appearance. Equip your shark with consequential accessories, evolve its attributes, and unlock special skills to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Experiment with combinations to create the ultimate predator and dominate the ocean food chain.

Mastering the Art of Shark Survival

To succeed in the ruthless world of Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK, it’s essential to employ effective strategies and techniques. Here are some tips to help you become a master of the deep:

1. Know Your Prey

Understanding the behaviors and vulnerabilities of your prey is essential for successful hunting. Different marine creatures have different movement patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. Learn to identify and prioritize high-value targets while avoiding dangerous predators and environmental hazards.

2. Explore Wisely

Take the time to explore every ocean corner, uncovering hidden treasures and secrets along the way. Utilize your shark’s agility and speed to navigate through narrow passages and evade danger. Watch for bonus items and power-ups to boost your shark’s performance and extend its lifespan.

3. Invest in Upgrades

Investing in upgrades and enhancements is crucial for increasing your shark’s survivability and effectiveness. Prioritize upgrades that improve your shark’s speed, stamina, and attack power, allowing you to take on bigger prey and overcome more demanding challenges. Experiment with different upgrade combinations to find the perfect balance for your play style.

4. Stay Vigilant

In the Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK world, danger lurks around every corner. Stay vigilant and be prepared to react quickly to unexpected threats and obstacles. Keep an eye on your shark’s health and energy levels, and retreat to safety when necessary to avoid being overwhelmed by more powerful foes.


Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK offers an immersive and exhilarating gaming experience that puts players in control of nature’s ultimate predator. Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK has captivated millions of players worldwide with its stunning graphics, diverse gameplay mechanics, and endless replayability. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the mobile gaming world, Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK offers a thrilling adventure that will keep you coming back for more. So dive in, embrace your inner shark, and unleash the predator within!

Free Download Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK Latest Version

Download ( 165 MB )

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